David Ross

David Ross

David Ross is self-employed entrepreneur who lives in Chandler, Arizona, with his wife, Heather. They have two kids, Alex and Erin. His businesses include Big Deal Entertainment, Big Deal Theater, and a web marketing company.

Tri-City Transmission Tempe Arizona AZI love it when I find a local business in the Phoenix, AZ area who I can trust -- especially when it comes to auto repair and even more when it's about an auto transmission. I'm the kind of person who knows absolutely nothing when it comes to car repair. For most small repairs and maintenance, this isn't usually a problem, but when a repair has the possibility of going into thousands of dollars, I feel like I may as well just give them my credit card and tell them to wake me up when it's over.

Tri-City Transmission of Tempe Arizona AZ

Dave Riccio at Tri-City Transmission in Tempe, AZ is the kind of business owner that actually loves it when a customer is quoted thousands of dollars at another shop, only to find out that it could be repaired for a fraction of that. He says:

"Most neighborhood shops would rather replace a transmission than fix it. It’s not because they’re dishonest – they just don’t know how. At Tri-City Transmission, if we can fix your car without a costly overhaul or replacement, we will."

How cool is that?

Tri-City Transmission Tempe Arizona AZTri-City Transmission is located in Tempe, AZ – and this may not be convenient for those living in the west or north valley. However, letting the inconvenience or extra tow charge influence your decision could end up costing you thousands of dollars. If you've already gotten a quote from another shop, it's defiantly worth it to get a second opinion.

Dave Riccio is also the host of Bumper to Bumper Radio every Saturday from 11:00 am - Noon of KTAR News Radio, 92.3 FM.

Tri-City Transmission can be found at http://www.tricitytransmission.com or by calling 480-968-5062 . Tell them I sent you!


Here's a new web site I'm working on:


Velocity Semiconductor Equipment Web SiteIn global high tech industries, manufacturers are challenged to stay at the forefront of technical innovation, yet manage intricate supply chains and hold down costs to remain competitive. Suppliers with good products and innovative ideas often don’t have the resources to expand their market reach in crowded and increasingly global markets.

Six Reasons to Vote No On the Chandler School OverrideJust last November a solid majority of voters defeated a Chandler Unified School District tax increase. Now, the school district is paying (at taxpayer cost) for a special election to once again see if they can get a tax increase approved. Unlike other school districts, they are asking for the maximum increase allowed by our state Legislature. Here's why you should vote no:

My wife, Heather Ross, is directing this theater performance for the Arizona College Prep "Knights at the Theater in Chandler, AZ. Please stop out if you can. I'll be running sound and Erin is in the cast.

Join the Arizona College Prep Knights at the Theater drama company as they present Don Zolidis' Hamlet Thrill-Mageddon on January 30th - February 1st, 2014 on the Hamilton High School stage on 3700 S. Arizona Ave. in Chandler, AZ. The play is a lightning-quick, hilarious slant of the greatest play in the English language.

Join the "Knights at the Theater" drama company as they present "Among Friends and Clutter" on September 26th, 27th and 28th, 2012 at Arizona College Prep's new campus in Chandler, AZ.

"Among Friends and Clutter" is a montage of characters who experience the most important relationships in life: friends, family, and love. Starting with seven classmates, the play explores what they imagine their lives will be and shows what their lives eventually become. They grow, succeed, and sometimes fail. The play is recommended for ages 12 and up.

I've been saying this for years -- ever since I went through the experience of calling Yelp on behalf of one of my clients.

You want bad reviews removed from Yelp? Just call them and they'll explain how this can be done if you sign up for a paid monthly membership. In the real world, that's called blackmail.

Hamilton Prep Drama Company Presents Disney's Alice in Wonderland!My wife, Heather Ross, is directing this musical theater performance for the Hamilton Prep Drama Company in Chandler, AZ. Please stop out if you can. I'll be running sound.

Things are getting "curiouser and curiouser" as Hamilton Prep Drama Company prepares to take you tumbling down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland where anything can happen!  Join this wonderfully talented group of Jr. High and High School students as they present Disney's Alice in Wonderland Jr. December 8th 9th and 10th at Hamilton High School in Chandler, AZ.  Perfect for the whole family!

Constutional Ammendment to Require a Balanced BudgetI recently sent a letter to all the Arizona Senators and Congressmen asking them to support a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget as part of the debt ceiling bill. Most Americans support this and 49 states already require it. If we've learned anything from recent decades, it's that both parties -- Republican and Democrat -- cannot be trusted to stop spending. The only thing that can put a lid on spending is a constitutional amendment.

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