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The Arizona "I Didn’t Pay Enough" Taxes Fund

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So I'm doing my taxes this year, which is never fun for someone who's self-employed. I'm almost done and I get to the last part of the Arizona tax form where it asks if you want to donate to charitable causes like wildlife conservation, domestic violence shelters and programs that prevent child abuse.

And that's when I saw it. In the middle of this list of worthy causes was the "I Didn’t Pay Enough" fund.

Having never heard of this, I immediately had to Google to find out more.

It turns out that last April the Arizona Legislature added the “I Didn’t Pay Enough" Fund to the list of voluntary contributions on the state’s individual income tax forms. That way, taxpayers could opt to donate money directly to the state’s general fund if they felt their taxes were too low.

“What we’re doing is calling people’s bluff,” Sen. Ron Gould told the Capitol Times. “The people who say don’t reduce my taxes - in reality, it’s not that they want to continue paying. It’s that they want everybody else to continue paying.

“People that say they don’t want their taxes to reduce will take the tax reduction anyway and won’t donate it.”

The idea is not completly unique.

In 2001 Arkansas created its own version, called the “Tax Me More” fund. Other states, such as Massachusetts, Virginia, Minnesota and Kansas, also have similar funds.

As you would expect, contributions to funds like these aren't going well. Arkansas’ Tax Me More Fund has raised $2,419.79 since it began nine years ago, and Virginia’s fund has tallied $10,217.04 since it started in 2002.

A lot of people were offended by the legislation, but I think it makes a good point. People want lot of programs and balanced budgets -- so long as it's not coming out of their own pockets. The next time you complain about state budget cuts, remember you can always donate to the "I Didn't Pay Enough" fund.

Another reason to love Arizona.

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