Six Reasons to Vote No On the Chandler School OverrideJust last November a solid majority of voters defeated a Chandler Unified School District tax increase. Now, the school district is paying (at taxpayer cost) for a special election to once again see if they can get a tax increase approved. Unlike other school districts, they are asking for the maximum increase allowed by our state Legislature. Here's why you should vote no:

Constutional Ammendment to Require a Balanced BudgetI recently sent a letter to all the Arizona Senators and Congressmen asking them to support a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget as part of the debt ceiling bill. Most Americans support this and 49 states already require it. If we've learned anything from recent decades, it's that both parties -- Republican and Democrat -- cannot be trusted to stop spending. The only thing that can put a lid on spending is a constitutional amendment.

So I'm doing my taxes this year, which is never fun for someone who's self-employed. I'm almost done and I get to the last part of the Arizona tax form where it asks if you want to donate to charitable causes like wildlife conservation, domestic violence shelters and programs that prevent child abuse.

And that's when I saw it. In the middle of this list of worthy causes was the "I Didn’t Pay Enough" fund.

When you take into account the amount of time off they get, teachers make more than chemists, physical therapists, psychologists, registered nurses, aircraft mechanics and firefighters.

A study from the National Center for Education Statistics found that teacher salaries have kept pace with inflation since 1990, and even increased by three percent after inflation since 1996.* The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that elementary, secondary and special education teachers earned $33.06 per hour in 2006, compared with the $31.30 that other professional employees earned.

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