Here's a new web site I'm working on:

Velocity Semiconductor Equipment Web SiteIn global high tech industries, manufacturers are challenged to stay at the forefront of technical innovation, yet manage intricate supply chains and hold down costs to remain competitive. Suppliers with good products and innovative ideas often don’t have the resources to expand their market reach in crowded and increasingly global markets.

I've been saying this for years -- ever since I went through the experience of calling Yelp on behalf of one of my clients.

You want bad reviews removed from Yelp? Just call them and they'll explain how this can be done if you sign up for a paid monthly membership. In the real world, that's called blackmail.

Change your words and change your world. This short video illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world. It's a great message for companies wondering why their marketing effort may not be working.

If you're looking to ramp up your impact online, contact me.

This is brilliant little video -- and very funny. Unfortunately, it happens to me more times than not in my self-employed world. My favorite part is at the end:

 "Tell us how you made it, so we can do it on our own in-house from now on".

The only thing missing is when a client asks you do work for free or at a discount because of all the "exposure" you'll get. If a client doesn't want to pay you now, they probably won't pay you later. Just move on.

Most companies wouldn't dream of putting their marketing director in charge of the IT department -- but all too often, I see them using their computer guy to build and run their web site. The same guy you use to fix your printer and run your network is probably not the best person you want in charge of something as important as online marketing.

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